Supporting future leaders

In the fourteen years we have been working with young people in schools and in the community, a common theme has emerged surrounding their disengagement with education and learning in general. Many of our young people struggle to achieve academically and as a result many have never felt a sense of reward for their work.

We pride ourselves on our ability to support all of our young people to gain a sense of achievement by providing units of study that are accredited by a recognised awarding body. The aim is to maximise engagement and motivation whilst boosting each learners confidence. 

AQA Unit Awards

Our units of study cover a wide range of topics to support students in realising their potential. We pride ourselves on being adaptive to the needs of the individuals and groups we work with; therefore, we can build units of study around the participants. 

If we establish a particular interest or gap in knowledge that is not covered by  our current modules, we are able to introduce new units throughout the year.