UK Programmes

OUR UK Porgrammes are Funded by the Big Lottery Fund in England and Scotland, the Heritage Lottery Fund, plus other Trusts and Foundations.

Events and Conferences

We will hold local and international events in collaboration with other diaspora organisations.

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Ageing within the context of conflicting identities

Africans in the diaspora deal with ageing and its associated challenges.

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Celebrating Africa

Our ‘Celebrate’ events bring together people from different backgrounds and experiences, promoting social inclusion and understanding.

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Active Lives, Active Communities

This is a way of integrating and being part of the community and in the process, reducing isolation and social exclusion.

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Our Lives, Our stories

Africa’s rich heritage is at risk of being lost as the peoples migrate to live in the diaspora and modernisation, yet it remains part of the identity of the people. We aim to collect and preserve for continuous reference.

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Mentoring and Support to Young People

We aim to capture and inspire young minds to stay active and remain focused on the future by signposting them to activities that holistically build a strong community member.

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