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The Stride team is geared towards making a real difference on the ground. Our team is assembled with members who have a strong understanding and connection to the issues that we are addressing. Besides this background connection, our members are highly qualified academically and professionally.

While we have a core team that runs the strategic activities we have also assembled a number of volunteers who assist in driving the objectives of the organisation forward. Our volunteers are key in running workshops, activities and the day-to-day running of some of our programmes and projects.

"We work together because, greater are the results of the sum of our collective efforts than each individual's actions in isolation!"

Imaya <span>Ephraim</span>

Imaya Ephraim

Executive Director & CEO
Lumbasi <span>Joseph</span>

Lumbasi Joseph

Okumu <span>Brian</span>

Okumu Brian


If you want to join our team of volunteers or help in any way to make a difference, please fill in the contact form and get in touch.